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hi. um. im just some kid who adores everything you draw but i wanted you to know that my friend and I completely and utterly adore your oc fraise and i know you said you rarely draw things multiple times but if you could possibly find any passion left to draw her (doing anything or in any way it really doesn't matter i just love her so much she's just so pretty and supple) it would be the coolest. regardless, thanks so much for your magical contribution to the world. ur art's super dear to my <3

omg this is……really really lovely to hear!! i had no idea anyone liked my ocs that much. it honestly means the world to me. i’ve doodled her a bunch in notebooks but never found them nice enough to post on my blog :’( i do love her too and i’ll definitely try to draw her more knowing you like her so much!! i’m always shy about posting my characters a lot bc i’m worried people aren’t interested :/ which is really silly of me & i need to work on getting over that insecurity!

this message is super dear to my heart tbh. thank you so much! *a big bunch of internet hugs*


Can I put your art on my blog?

do you mean like a sidebar image? if so, of course! so long as you give credit.

ancient astronaut theorists believe….in you. you can do it, buddy

the letterman tag on twitter is SUSTAINING me rn. SO much confusion. “what is this cartoon?” “*a picture of a tv with miku on it* what is this???” bless them all those poor confused souls.

about to start a journey…

…into the realm of querying. 

for those of you who don’t know, for the past few months i’ve been working my little butt off on a YA fantasy novel. actually, i’ve been working on about 4 different novels, but one in particular is now completely finished. in short, it’s about a girl from a kingdom of perpetual daylight who ventures to a banished province of eternal night in order to become one of six guardians of the realms that protect the kingdom. think superheroes on a godlike scale & lots of magic & creepy monsters. (i had to include horror in there somewhere — i love creepy things too much to resist imbuing them in my work. so it’s a darker story.)

anyway, now that my book is done & revised (many times), i’m getting really close to the querying process. basically pitching my book to a bunch of agents & hoping they request to read my manu (eventually — and hopefully — leading to signing with an agent), which is scary as HELL. sending my book into the world after spending so much time shaping it into the best story i can make it is daunting. what if no one likes it? what if i can’t hook agents with my query? trust me, every insecurity under the sun is weighing down on me rn.

BUT! it’s still SO exciting, and i’d like to share the excitement with you guys since you’re all so supportive of my art & i’d love to let you guys in on my publishing journey as well. so i’m going to be posting writing blogs & inspiration & other fun stuff on my inspo blog (dragonpriests) to keep track of my book from here on out. i’ll post major updates here on my art blog too, but i’d love to see you guys over at my more organized and dedicated writing blog.

i’d also like to share tidbits from the world of my story, so if you’re curious….yea!!

all the best,