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guess what show i finally watched and am in love with


awesome work!! i love the mermaid and the lava type girl too. beautiful

aaa thank you so much!! i’m really happy you like them! <3


Your artwork is amazing!! Love 🌷

oh gosh, thank you so so much!! <3

a spooky pastel deep sea mermaid and a kind of lava mermaid who takes form in pools and puddles of lava. she’s HOT ;)


I've been wanting to get into my own style of drawing monster girls/creatures? What would you suggest to better myself? Sorry for the weird question. Your art is so cute and well done! ^^

ahh thank you! i would suggest drawing as much as you can. i truly believe that practice is the best way to improve — if you make a point to draw as often as possible, you’ll see that you’ll improve a lot! also, for style, find styles that you really like and figure out what you like about them — the lines? colors? the way they draw eyes/noses/lips? find what speaks to you most and create your own aesthetic by trying out different techniques and styles!! just experiment lots until you’re comfortable :)